Piano Distributors offers many services 

For our customers, including piano rental, piano lessons, piano moving and how to care for your piano. Call your local store for all the details.

Piano Service

Piano Distributors offers many services for our customers including: piano moving, piano rental, piano lessons, piano tuning, piano sell or consign, piano storage, and piano financing. Call your local store for all the details.

Piano Moving

Piano Moving

Piano moving is a specialty that requires expertise and experience. Piano Distributors will ensure all logistics are carried out for your cherished piano to be moved whether it is from room-to-room or house-to-house. Our professional team is available to guide you in all types of locations and conditions with competitive rates. Ask about our “Move and Tune” package.

Professional Movers

Trust Piano Distributors to provide an experienced team to treat your piano with the utmost care. Professional movers take pride in being the best at what they do to ensure your piano is protected while on route to your new location. Your piano will be delivered and set-up in a timely and safe manner by full-time employees.

Fully insured

Piano Distributors maintains full insurance at all times for the moving services provided. In addition, your piano is fully covered under our insurance while in our storage facility.

For a quote, call your closest location or the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of this page. You can contact our Florida moving team direct at (800) 568-7303.

Piano Rental

Event Piano Rentals

Piano Distributors keeps grand, vertical and digital pianos available as rentals for your event or special occasion. You can even rent the incomparable Yamaha CFIIIS Concert Grand piano that is prized by performers and performing art centers around the world. Please Contact Us and give us some details about your event and we will be glad to give you a quote. We have our own professional piano moving department which makes us very competitive.

Month to Month Rentals

If your piano needs require more time than our standard event rentals, we can still be your piano supplier. We rent pianos on a month to month basis. A typical example of this would be the temporary resident that only is in Florida for the winter. Please Contact Us and give us some details and we will be glad to give you a quote.

Rent While You Decide

Not sure about which piano to purchase? At Piano Distributors, you can rent a brand new Yamaha piano and have all fees applied towards the purchase for the first six months. We will credit 100% of the first six months rental fee towards the purchase of your piano. Contact the store closest to you for the latest information on this popular program. 

Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Each Piano Distributors store is actively involved with the piano teaching community offering lessons in store or through private piano teachers. Piano instruction is available individually or with adult group lessons. Our goal is to provide the best piano for learning and access to the best piano teachers in the area. Finding the right music teacher is one of the most important steps in learning to play the piano and can make a big difference! Whether you are looking for a teacher for the young beginner, or you are an adult who has always dreamed of learning to play, we can connect you with the right piano professional.

Playing piano benefits children and adults

There is evidence that engaging in brain “workouts” can help increase emotional health, improve test scores, improve reading proficiency, reduce stress, and keep your mind sharp. Learning music or playing challenging pieces are considered excellent ways to keep the brain in top shape.

Please call your local store or reach out with the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of this page to learn more about getting started.

Piano Tuning


Piano Distributors

Piano Distributors has the finest technicians available for tuning or repair of your piano when you buy a piano from us. One of the most important aspects of purchasing your piano, is what happens after the sale. If your piano requires special attention that requires additional expertise, we certainly can refer you to the right people to repair your piano. Services include: tuning, cabinet touch up and repair, electronic service (digitals and players), rebuilding, or refinishing.

Piano Sell or Consign

Sell Your Piano

Sell or Consign

If you are interested in selling or consigning your piano, please complete the “Sell Your Piano” form. We will review your information and may request a photo of your piano.

If you are considering selling your piano because you have out grown the capabilities of your instrument, you may put the money you receive from your used piano into the purchase of a new piano. We help customers with this every day in our piano stores. The choices for you are beyond what you might think and we sell pianos representing all the top selling brands your looking for. So go ahead and Contact Us at the store in your location and ask our professional pianos sales team how you can be the owner of a piano that you love.  Complete the Form and our buyer will be in touch with you!

Piano Storage

Piano Storage

If you want to store your piano in Florida, Atlanta, or the Mid-West, short term or long term, we have plenty of warehouse space. No storage space is available in North Carolina.

We can store your piano for as long as you like and have it serviced before delivery. Your piano is fully covered under our insurance while in our facility. Our storage fees are very reasonable and although you will find our piano experience level is high, our rates are competitive.

Contact Us today for a quote.

Piano Financing

Piano Financing

A piano purchase is an important investment. And a good instrument can add up to a significant amount of money. When your ready to purchase a piano, we can make arrangements for financing your piano purchase and setting up term payments. We accept most major credit cards.