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What a great night !

What a great night !


Piano Distributors of Naples Florida presents a large variety of acoustic and digital pianos of top brands like Yamaha Clavinova and Disklavier pianos. Piano Distributors draws from our large local warehouse, and we easily supplement that assortment from our large family of stores located throughout the Southeastern United States. Understandably, that gives us an excellent opportunity to provide customers the greatest value and selection for individuals, groups and institutions.

Tony Santucci

Tony Santucci, Manager

Tony Santucci wins Yamaha Award
Tony Santucci wins Yamaha Award
Claire Batcher

Claire Batcher
Adminstrative Assistant

In 2011, Tony Santucci received the award for being No 1 Disklavier salesman in the country. Tony’s great accomplishments made him one of the five best Yamaha salesmen in the USA.

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Our In-Store Music Teachers

Malda kiri - Piano Teacher: Piano

Piano Teacher: Malda kiri - Piano Teacher

Malda kiri - Piano Teacher

Malda kiri Graduated with Bachelor Degree's in Music, Major in Piano and Pedagogy, holding Piano Performance Diploma and adding over 20 years of experience in teaching makes it easy and able to work with all methods and all ages and levels, from beginners to very advance (concert level). I will bring the best to my students ,introduce them from general music knowledge and going in details of piano technique, musical,interpretation and much more.  Being lucky performing and teaching in different places of the world I'm specialized in teaching with"Do Re Mi" ,solfezh too.

GORDON BANKS - Piano Teacher: Piano

Piano Teacher: GORDON BANKS - Piano Teacher

GORDON BANKS - Piano Teacher

Gordon Banks is a veteran of the music world. He has been a professional solo pianist for over 30 years and has given private piano instruction for equally as long. He is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and while living in New Jersey was a frequent solo pianist in Atlantic City at the Tropicana Hotel lobby and Harrahs’ Casino Atrium lounge. Gordon took up teaching piano at age 30, focusing mostly on beginner and intermediate level students of all ages. He teaches popular piano styles with an early focus on the basic disciplines of counting, sight reading and chord knowledge. All lessons are customized to the abilities and talents of each student. Gordon has been the house piano player at the Naples Beach Hotel for the past twelve years and his beginner level adult book 10 Fingers, 10 Keys is a popular sale on

Alyson Panipinto - Piano Teacher: Piano

Piano Teacher: Alyson Panipinto - Piano Teacher

Alyson Panipinto - Piano Teacher

My name is Alyson Panipinto. I have been teaching kids how to play the piano since 2000. I’m one of those rare people who truly love to go to work every day. I enjoy teaching students as young as 7 years old all the way up through teenagers. I teach how to read music. I’m very patient and interactive. Depending on the age of the student, we will play several music games that teach the names of the notes, rhythm, and note values. With each individual student I always try to find the right balance; to challenge them, yet, at the same time, be reasonable and not give them too many songs to play during the week. We’ll start with the very basics and work our way up to easy classical pieces. We can play duets. Eventually, when the student is competent enough, they can branch out to play any song they want – pop, rock, Broadway, classical, jazz, new age, country, songs from video games – anything that interests them. I hold voluntary recitals twice a year which are always a big hit. Many of my students stick with me for years; my oldest has been taking lessons with me for 14 years!